Finding a Balanced Life

I believe one of the most difficult things for most people is to find a balance between the things that they love and have to do. For most people work takes up 40-60 hours of their week. If you have children or a family obviously another huge portion is put into love and care of them. Making meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house, sitting in traffic, it can feel like there isn’t a minute to spare in our weekly grind to do the things that we love to do.

First off I understand this feeling completely. I do not have children yet and understand how drastically free time changes once you have little ones as well, but even now I push myself to do 300 things per day and can get into bed feeling exhausted and like I didn’t take care of myself properly.

I think there are many ways to help this pace and lifestyle that most of us are in, and some we should start doing right now, because YOU DESERVE your own LOVE AND CARE.

1.) Take time for self-care, even just 10 minutes a day. This can be any form of self care that you love, but try to do something calming and that will help make you feel better and have a clearer mind going into the day. Some great examples would be: meditating first thing in the morning, writing down a gratitude list, skin brushing, a hot bath after a long day, a face mask, manicure, the list goes on and on, this could be anything that makes you feel happy and at peace.

2.) Work out. I know, I know who has time to work out with a schedule as busy as ours. Truthfully, everyone. Working out doesn’t have to mean a 2 hour gym session, many of my best sweat sessions are in my living room doing a 10 minute HIIT workout or running for 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long just do something to get your heart rate up and blood flowing. This will increase alertness, raise your metabolism and calm your mind. Every little bit counts!

3.) Stretch! Right before bed is a great time to do slow static stretches, this not only helps to move your body after a long day it will help you have a great night of sleep.

4.) Be mindful. Everything we do during our day can be done mindfully to improve our life. Eat slower, taste every bite and chew thoroughly. Even interactions can be made more mindfully. Be grateful for people throughout your day, a smile to a stranger, a hand getting onto the bus, any small action can change someone’s entire day. We should put more thought into our actions.

5.) This one is a little tougher, but worth a long consideration. We spend 40+ hours at our jobs every single week. That is more time than we spend doing almost anything aside from sleeping (hopefully). Yet even though we spend so much of our waking time at our jobs, so many people hate them. So why do we allow this? It is one thing to have a bad day at work, but it is very different to dread going every single day. I strongly believe that if you do not enjoy your job or something in your life, you should work to change it immediately. It is not an easy fix and I know that, I spent a lot of money, time and effort to change my career, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I refused to be one of those people that counted down the days until the weekend or the years until retirement. A good way to begin this journey is starting small. Take up a hobby that you would love to do full time, or start taking a course in a new field. Even something as small as asking for new or different responsibilities within your own job can make a world of difference! If you have passion for something and are willing to work your ass off for it, life will always make it happen for you. It won’t be easy but taking small steps to implement changes towards a job you love is the thing that will ultimately change your entire life. Being unhappy for 40+ hours a week is NOT okay. Make small changes to a huge growth in happiness. 34 years and 208 days until retirement is not how we should be looking at life anymore!!

6.) When all else fails, there is nothing better than a great glass of wine after a long day.

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