Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be difficult. There is amazing, decadent food everywhere you look, celebratory cocktails to be drank and the desire to enjoy your time rather than put in time exercising. I understand this feeling more than anything. For a long time when I would travel my fitness routine and healthy eating went completely out the window, but as I began to travel for months at a time I realized that this mentality was no longer possible. Later I will go into more detail of my favorite recipes to make on a tight budget, but for now here are a few tips on how to stay your healthiest self while traveling:

  • Eat in, for at least some of your meals. This is a big one I have found for feeling my best when traveling. Through the years I have gotten less strict with my diet, but there still a few things which I try to limit, when cooking I know exactly what is going into my food and can save my splurges for special occassions. Of course when traveling you want to eat out and enjoy the local cuisine, and you should! With absolutely no guilt at all. Because we work in food and love the experience in restaurants we choose a few places we are dying to go and make it into something special.
  • Bring snacks along for long days. This goes along the same lines as the first tip. When I don’t plan I am much more likely to eat anything in sight, because I am definitely a person that gets hangry, and like most people when hungry I don’t always choose the best options. Bringing along snacks has been a savior for me, especially on travel days when we can be on buses for 5+ hours. Pack a small tupperware container that you can store cut up fruit and veggies and hummus or homemade trail mix.
  • Do your exercise through sightseeing! When traveling to a new city it is usually not too difficult to rack up miles during the day. My favorite way to see a city is to skip the transportation and walk to our destination. It ends up being when we truly see the culture of the people that live there and some of our favorite architecture.
  • See the city before the world wakes. This one might not be for everyone, but if you try it I promise you will love a place more than ever before. On the first day I arrive in a new place I always try to go on an early morning run or power walk before we start our day. You are able to see the new destination before many people are out for the day and it is incredibly peaceful even in a big, busy city. I love it because I see spots that I know we should check out later and I always bring my phone along to snap photos. Even a 15 minute walk will also help energize and raise your endorphins for the day ahead.

I hope these tips help give you a few pointers on small ways to stay healthy while traveling. Indulging on local food and missing workouts is OK, enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Doing just a few small things every day will help you stay on track and allow you to be your happiest, healthiest self during and after your travels. 

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