Eating Mindfully

It seems like everywhere you look recently the word mindfullness is becoming more prevalent, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about this trend. It is something without realizing it I have been leaning towards for a long time and a strategy that has helped to cut my binging and overeating significantly. Mindfullness in the simplest terms is just as it sounds, doing an activity while utilizing your brain. And although this may sound to some like, duh of course how else would you do it? If we take a minute to really think about it how many activities per day do we truly do mindfully? Auto-pilot becomes second nature especially when busy, so that without even thinking about it you have gotten up, got ready, ate breakfast, drove to work and arrived there at your desk with little memory of actually doing any of it. Being mindful simply means taking time to breathe deeply and use your senses while doing tasks, which in turn puts more happiness and love into every day, mundane tasks.

Eating is one realm that I believe most people could use a lot more mindfulness in. Our society has gotten too busy and thus our entire culture of meal times has changed drastically. Meals have been taken off the table surrounded by family and into the car, on the couch or standing over the counter. I understand this phenomenon, life is exceptionally busy and real meals can seem impractical and too time consuming. I beg you though to try a few small steps to eat more mindfully because I know this will help your health, your digestion as well as your state of mind.

  • Make meal time a priority.
  • Eat slowly and focus on the smells, the colors and the flavors within your food.
  • Chew. A lot.
  • When you are reaching for a treat, ask yourself why you want this.
  • Enjoy treats! But truly enjoy them, take your time to taste the flavors
  • Drink water before starting your meals.
  • Turn off the TV, get off the computer-take time to use your senses on the beautiful meal in front of you

While we may have gotten busier with our day to day lives, meal time should be savored and appreciated. Putting time into your meals will help your relationship with food, time with your loved ones and losing weight. Appreciate your food and what it does to strengthen and fuel your body and fight disease!

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