How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Let’s face it staying on a healthy diet and exercise plan during the holidays can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. There are the parties, the baking with loved ones, the happiest happy hours and besides everything else it’s the perfect weather to snuggle in bed and skip morning workouts. It happens to ALL of us, so if it is happening to you right now don’t feel guilty or upset. It is perfectly fine and encouraged to splurge once in a while, but if you are like me some of these splurges can end to a week of non-stop cookie eating. I can’t stress enough that this time of year should be celebrated and not filled with deprivation. But if you are like me and not want all of your hard work to go down the drain during this time, a few key tips and tricks can keep you on track while still enjoying indulgences and time around loved ones.

  • When it is cold outside getting my butt to the gym seems out of the question and with this mindset I often skip my morning workout, instead on especially snuggly days I switch it up to doing a home workout. I will do weights, a hiit workout or pilates on youtube so I still get in a great sweat session while still getting a bit of extra sleep and not having to leave the house.
  • Choose your indulgences wisely. Rather than going to the dessert table and shoving one of everything in my mouth, I will choose the treats only that I really love. For me I am a sucker for anything with dark chocolate and nuts, so rather than going crazy on desserts I know I will be satisfied with a smaller amount if they are some of my favorite treats. Same goes for savories, if you love a certain casserole let yourself have it and eat it mindfully. When you eat your indulgence mindfully I promise you will need less of it and be even more satisfied.
  • Eat before heading to the party. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but filling up on some healthy snacks before heading to a party can be the best thing for your diet. I’ve gone to many parties absolutely starving and end up eating way more than I need of food I wouldn’t normally eat simply because I am hungry. Now I try to eat a nutritious snack or meal before heading to the party something with a bit of protein and some greens. By the time dinner rolls around at the party I am able to enjoy the foods I crave without going overboard because I have sustained my hunger.
  • Realize time with loved ones is as important as diet and exercise. I love to call time with the ones you love Vitamin L. I believe it is just as important if not more important than diet and exercise. Appreciate this time you get to spend with friends and family without overly critizing yourself. You may have overate or drank too much but often during the holidays it’s time you spent surrounded by loved ones. Rather than beating yourself up over it, realize the beautiful time spent with others and how happy that makes you. These relationships lead to so many more benefits to your body and mind than that one bad meal is going to deplete. Vitamin L is the real hero of the holidays!

Although it is often easy to get carried away around the holidays with the food, cocktails, sleeping in and craziness, let yourself be assured that this is completely normal and okay! A few small tips and tricks can help you to stay on track without missing the things you love. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of year, so simply enjoy it! Sweat when you can and eat some greens, your body will love you simply for giving it the Vitamin L that it deserves!

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