Primary Vs. Secondary Food

Many of you may read this title and come up with many assumptions in your head of just what these different categories of food may be-there is only one type of food right? This actually only has a little bit to do with the real tangible food on your plate and more to do with a completely different kind of nourishment. Secondary food is exactly the type of food we think of on a regular basis. The food we sometimes overeat, we lose sleep over and the food that can lead us to weight gain and unhappiness. This category of food is very important to people, and with good reason, BUT I will make a claim that primary food is often the thing that needs to be worked on the most for people. That without working on your primary food first, the diets and all the exercise won’t work as well.

So you may ask, what is this primary food that is seemingly so important? Primary food is not food at all, but instead depletes or enhances our bodies’ nourishment in other ways. Primary food can be things such as relationships, career, spiritual practice, exercise and self-love. While you may say, of course these things are important, but nothing compared to the food on my plate. And honestly, I truly couldn’t think of a group of things more important to your health. Working with my clients this is always the first thing I will guide them through. When something such as a relationship or your career is out of balance and not at the place it should be, you are doing a lot to your body without realizing. The stress for one can cause inflammation and bad digestion leading to weight gain, but also unbalance in these fields can lead to emotional eating, extreme dieting, unhappiness, anger and even depression. It is my belief that without working on these core nourishments for the body, the rest of the body cannot be fully healthy either. It is through the highest levels of these primary foods that we can start living our happiest, healthiest life. Email me for details on how to get started in a program where we work on bettering your tomorrows both mentally and physically.

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