Intention Setting

We are officially over a week into 2018 and I am not sure about anyone else but for me this year has had this incredible energy about it. Of course all new years do, but something about 2018 just feels so powerful. I feel more determined, more focused and more motivated to get shit done than I have in recent years. If you’re not feeling it yet, don’t worry! It comes and goes for all people and not feeling it doesn’t mean this year is going to be a disaster! I think one of the most important things I have discovered to help myself achieve and prosper is setting intentions. I used to always be scared to make goals. I would rarely make goals because there was something about the act of making goals that felt so final. It was that my mind was made up and if I didn’t reach the goal I would feel like a complete failure. It didn’t help that many of my goals were way too lofty so falling short was fairly certain.

In the past few months I have shifted my entire thinking when it comes to goal setting. As my perfectionism towards myself has greatly decreased over the years, so has the thought that every goal must be met with complete grace and poise. Finally I have realized this is completely unrealistic. Instead I have changed my way of thinking to have broader ideas and intentions for myself. It helps that I no longer get upset when I don’t meet these intentions either, rather I ask myself why? Is it because my desires have changed? Am I too busy or overwhelmed at this point? Or am I simply not allowing enough time for self and the things that I want? Whatever the reason I have learned to understand the motives behind not meeting the intention and go forward by either shifting my intention to meet my new needs or take a second to re-center and spend more time meeting these needs. Intention setting is SO powerful. It helps me to stay focused and in tune with my bodies’ needs. While I realize how useful and energizing intention setting is please, please, please try not to beat yourself up for not meeting these or not eating perfectly all the time Life is busy and you could do a lot worse than eating fast food in a moment of weakness. Forgive yourself always and start up again tomorrow. Setting intentions allows you to have a guideline and a point of reference for most days. Strive to do the best you can and add some self love like a massage or baths onto that list! Intentions should be fun, manageable and promote ALL of your bodies’ needs.

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