Love Yourself

Self love. Two of the most powerful words in the English language. Countless emotions are invoked when thinking about these two words. So much of our life is spent self sabotaging. We get angry at ourselves for over-eating, being too busy, not doing enough work, worrying too much, the list goes on and on. At one point we finally understand that this action is not fair, that these actions do little to promote and make us better and instead makes this beautiful life of ours more difficult. Let’s finally stop this self sabotaging and finally practice the self love we deserve! YOU are beautiful and YOU are loved and YOU deserve all of the happiness in the world. Life has so many precious gifts and gratitude is key. You are a freakin goddess and I can’t wait for you to fully see that so you can finally live out your best life. Manifesting your dreams, tell yourself I love you and do things just for yourself. Give yourself as much love as you give to everyone around you. You are so cared and loved for, always always remember that.

Primary Vs. Secondary Food

Many of you may read this title and come up with many assumptions in your head of just what these different categories of food may be-there is only one type of food right? This actually only has a little bit to do with the real tangible food on your plate and more to do with a completely different kind of nourishment. Secondary food is exactly the type of food we think of on a regular basis. The food we sometimes overeat, we lose sleep over and the food that can lead us to weight gain and unhappiness. This category of food is very important to people, and with good reason, BUT I will make a claim that primary food is often the thing that needs to be worked on the most for people. That without working on your primary food first, the diets and all the exercise won’t work as well.

So you may ask, what is this primary food that is seemingly so important? Primary food is not food at all, but instead depletes or enhances our bodies’ nourishment in other ways. Primary food can be things such as relationships, career, spiritual practice, exercise and self-love. While you may say, of course these things are important, but nothing compared to the food on my plate. And honestly, I truly couldn’t think of a group of things more important to your health. Working with my clients this is always the first thing I will guide them through. When something such as a relationship or your career is out of balance and not at the place it should be, you are doing a lot to your body without realizing. The stress for one can cause inflammation and bad digestion leading to weight gain, but also unbalance in these fields can lead to emotional eating, extreme dieting, unhappiness, anger and even depression. It is my belief that without working on these core nourishments for the body, the rest of the body cannot be fully healthy either. It is through the highest levels of these primary foods that we can start living our happiest, healthiest life. Email me for details on how to get started in a program where we work on bettering your tomorrows both mentally and physically.

How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Let’s face it staying on a healthy diet and exercise plan during the holidays can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. There are the parties, the baking with loved ones, the happiest happy hours and besides everything else it’s the perfect weather to snuggle in bed and skip morning workouts. It happens to ALL of us, so if it is happening to you right now don’t feel guilty or upset. It is perfectly fine and encouraged to splurge once in a while, but if you are like me some of these splurges can end to a week of non-stop cookie eating. I can’t stress enough that this time of year should be celebrated and not filled with deprivation. But if you are like me and not want all of your hard work to go down the drain during this time, a few key tips and tricks can keep you on track while still enjoying indulgences and time around loved ones.

  • When it is cold outside getting my butt to the gym seems out of the question and with this mindset I often skip my morning workout, instead on especially snuggly days I switch it up to doing a home workout. I will do weights, a hiit workout or pilates on youtube so I still get in a great sweat session while still getting a bit of extra sleep and not having to leave the house.
  • Choose your indulgences wisely. Rather than going to the dessert table and shoving one of everything in my mouth, I will choose the treats only that I really love. For me I am a sucker for anything with dark chocolate and nuts, so rather than going crazy on desserts I know I will be satisfied with a smaller amount if they are some of my favorite treats. Same goes for savories, if you love a certain casserole let yourself have it and eat it mindfully. When you eat your indulgence mindfully I promise you will need less of it and be even more satisfied.
  • Eat before heading to the party. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but filling up on some healthy snacks before heading to a party can be the best thing for your diet. I’ve gone to many parties absolutely starving and end up eating way more than I need of food I wouldn’t normally eat simply because I am hungry. Now I try to eat a nutritious snack or meal before heading to the party something with a bit of protein and some greens. By the time dinner rolls around at the party I am able to enjoy the foods I crave without going overboard because I have sustained my hunger.
  • Realize time with loved ones is as important as diet and exercise. I love to call time with the ones you love Vitamin L. I believe it is just as important if not more important than diet and exercise. Appreciate this time you get to spend with friends and family without overly critizing yourself. You may have overate or drank too much but often during the holidays it’s time you spent surrounded by loved ones. Rather than beating yourself up over it, realize the beautiful time spent with others and how happy that makes you. These relationships lead to so many more benefits to your body and mind than that one bad meal is going to deplete. Vitamin L is the real hero of the holidays!

Although it is often easy to get carried away around the holidays with the food, cocktails, sleeping in and craziness, let yourself be assured that this is completely normal and okay! A few small tips and tricks can help you to stay on track without missing the things you love. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of year, so simply enjoy it! Sweat when you can and eat some greens, your body will love you simply for giving it the Vitamin L that it deserves!

Eating Mindfully

It seems like everywhere you look recently the word mindfullness is becoming more prevalent, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about this trend. It is something without realizing it I have been leaning towards for a long time and a strategy that has helped to cut my binging and overeating significantly. Mindfullness in the simplest terms is just as it sounds, doing an activity while utilizing your brain. And although this may sound to some like, duh of course how else would you do it? If we take a minute to really think about it how many activities per day do we truly do mindfully? Auto-pilot becomes second nature especially when busy, so that without even thinking about it you have gotten up, got ready, ate breakfast, drove to work and arrived there at your desk with little memory of actually doing any of it. Being mindful simply means taking time to breathe deeply and use your senses while doing tasks, which in turn puts more happiness and love into every day, mundane tasks.

Eating is one realm that I believe most people could use a lot more mindfulness in. Our society has gotten too busy and thus our entire culture of meal times has changed drastically. Meals have been taken off the table surrounded by family and into the car, on the couch or standing over the counter. I understand this phenomenon, life is exceptionally busy and real meals can seem impractical and too time consuming. I beg you though to try a few small steps to eat more mindfully because I know this will help your health, your digestion as well as your state of mind.

  • Make meal time a priority.
  • Eat slowly and focus on the smells, the colors and the flavors within your food.
  • Chew. A lot.
  • When you are reaching for a treat, ask yourself why you want this.
  • Enjoy treats! But truly enjoy them, take your time to taste the flavors
  • Drink water before starting your meals.
  • Turn off the TV, get off the computer-take time to use your senses on the beautiful meal in front of you

While we may have gotten busier with our day to day lives, meal time should be savored and appreciated. Putting time into your meals will help your relationship with food, time with your loved ones and losing weight. Appreciate your food and what it does to strengthen and fuel your body and fight disease!

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be difficult. There is amazing, decadent food everywhere you look, celebratory cocktails to be drank and the desire to enjoy your time rather than put in time exercising. I understand this feeling more than anything. For a long time when I would travel my fitness routine and healthy eating went completely out the window, but as I began to travel for months at a time I realized that this mentality was no longer possible. Later I will go into more detail of my favorite recipes to make on a tight budget, but for now here are a few tips on how to stay your healthiest self while traveling:

  • Eat in, for at least some of your meals. This is a big one I have found for feeling my best when traveling. Through the years I have gotten less strict with my diet, but there still a few things which I try to limit, when cooking I know exactly what is going into my food and can save my splurges for special occassions. Of course when traveling you want to eat out and enjoy the local cuisine, and you should! With absolutely no guilt at all. Because we work in food and love the experience in restaurants we choose a few places we are dying to go and make it into something special.
  • Bring snacks along for long days. This goes along the same lines as the first tip. When I don’t plan I am much more likely to eat anything in sight, because I am definitely a person that gets hangry, and like most people when hungry I don’t always choose the best options. Bringing along snacks has been a savior for me, especially on travel days when we can be on buses for 5+ hours. Pack a small tupperware container that you can store cut up fruit and veggies and hummus or homemade trail mix.
  • Do your exercise through sightseeing! When traveling to a new city it is usually not too difficult to rack up miles during the day. My favorite way to see a city is to skip the transportation and walk to our destination. It ends up being when we truly see the culture of the people that live there and some of our favorite architecture.
  • See the city before the world wakes. This one might not be for everyone, but if you try it I promise you will love a place more than ever before. On the first day I arrive in a new place I always try to go on an early morning run or power walk before we start our day. You are able to see the new destination before many people are out for the day and it is incredibly peaceful even in a big, busy city. I love it because I see spots that I know we should check out later and I always bring my phone along to snap photos. Even a 15 minute walk will also help energize and raise your endorphins for the day ahead.

I hope these tips help give you a few pointers on small ways to stay healthy while traveling. Indulging on local food and missing workouts is OK, enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Doing just a few small things every day will help you stay on track and allow you to be your happiest, healthiest self during and after your travels. 

Finding a Balanced Life

I believe one of the most difficult things for most people is to find a balance between the things that they love and have to do. For most people work takes up 40-60 hours of their week. If you have children or a family obviously another huge portion is put into love and care of them. Making meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house, sitting in traffic, it can feel like there isn’t a minute to spare in our weekly grind to do the things that we love to do.

First off I understand this feeling completely. I do not have children yet and understand how drastically free time changes once you have little ones as well, but even now I push myself to do 300 things per day and can get into bed feeling exhausted and like I didn’t take care of myself properly.

I think there are many ways to help this pace and lifestyle that most of us are in, and some we should start doing right now, because YOU DESERVE your own LOVE AND CARE.

1.) Take time for self-care, even just 10 minutes a day. This can be any form of self care that you love, but try to do something calming and that will help make you feel better and have a clearer mind going into the day. Some great examples would be: meditating first thing in the morning, writing down a gratitude list, skin brushing, a hot bath after a long day, a face mask, manicure, the list goes on and on, this could be anything that makes you feel happy and at peace.

2.) Work out. I know, I know who has time to work out with a schedule as busy as ours. Truthfully, everyone. Working out doesn’t have to mean a 2 hour gym session, many of my best sweat sessions are in my living room doing a 10 minute HIIT workout or running for 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long just do something to get your heart rate up and blood flowing. This will increase alertness, raise your metabolism and calm your mind. Every little bit counts!

3.) Stretch! Right before bed is a great time to do slow static stretches, this not only helps to move your body after a long day it will help you have a great night of sleep.

4.) Be mindful. Everything we do during our day can be done mindfully to improve our life. Eat slower, taste every bite and chew thoroughly. Even interactions can be made more mindfully. Be grateful for people throughout your day, a smile to a stranger, a hand getting onto the bus, any small action can change someone’s entire day. We should put more thought into our actions.

5.) This one is a little tougher, but worth a long consideration. We spend 40+ hours at our jobs every single week. That is more time than we spend doing almost anything aside from sleeping (hopefully). Yet even though we spend so much of our waking time at our jobs, so many people hate them. So why do we allow this? It is one thing to have a bad day at work, but it is very different to dread going every single day. I strongly believe that if you do not enjoy your job or something in your life, you should work to change it immediately. It is not an easy fix and I know that, I spent a lot of money, time and effort to change my career, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I refused to be one of those people that counted down the days until the weekend or the years until retirement. A good way to begin this journey is starting small. Take up a hobby that you would love to do full time, or start taking a course in a new field. Even something as small as asking for new or different responsibilities within your own job can make a world of difference! If you have passion for something and are willing to work your ass off for it, life will always make it happen for you. It won’t be easy but taking small steps to implement changes towards a job you love is the thing that will ultimately change your entire life. Being unhappy for 40+ hours a week is NOT okay. Make small changes to a huge growth in happiness. 34 years and 208 days until retirement is not how we should be looking at life anymore!!

6.) When all else fails, there is nothing better than a great glass of wine after a long day.

Why Health Coaching?

There are so many reasons to begin health coaching, it is difficult to decide where to start. According to, national healthcare cost $3.2 trillion in the U.S. alone in 2015. When I first read this statistic I was completely floored. We as Americans are spending 17.8% of our GDP on healthcare alone. This breaks my heart a bit because even though we are spending such an outrageous amount every year on health, we are still as a country overwhelmingly sick, tired and fat.

So why isn’t our current healthcare system working? In my honest opinion it is that it thrives on Americans being sick. When going into the doctor for issues such as high-blood pressure, heart disease, chronic fatigue and allergies the answer is always simply one thing: drugs. And although I am not saying that these are important if not necessary for certain health concerns, many issues could be alleviated or vanish if we focused a bit more on the way we are treating our bodies. Health coaching is the best thing that you can do for your body, mind and soul whether you are already sick or simply taking the precautionary steps. While you may not be sick yet, keeping up with bad eating habits, stress and lack of sleep will ultimately lead you to bad health if it hasn’t already so instead of waiting until then I want to help you with spending your time and energy on preventative health.

People choose to see health and lifestyle coaches for a magnitude of reasons, but I think one thing is for sure, every person can benefit from this resource! Below is a list of some (not all) of the concerns that I can assist with, and to be honest the possibilities are limitless. Through holistic medicine we can bring that money being spent on healthcare back into our lives along with a longer, healthier, happier and more energized rest of your life spent doing the things you love!

  • Weight management
  • Relationships (with partner, friends, family, coworkers or YOURSELF)
  • Eating for nutrition and wellness
  • Finding the perfect active lifestyle
  • Energy and vitality
  • Self care
  • Money management
  • Balancing your chakras and internal energy
  • Digestion
  • Lack of sleep
  • Skin problems


SO happy to have you here

It takes a lot of effort just to arrive. To realize that you have had enough of not feeling like your best self and to seek help. I applaud you with my whole heart on simply being present and ready to learn more. In this blog I hope to help guide you in even a small way on your journey to becoming your happiest, healthiest self. I will provide tips, tricks and positive energy for you, but in the end the only person going to get you to the place you want to be is you and being here right now proves to me you are ready for the challenge. If you are ready to take the journey to understanding what is making you sick, unhappy and unhealthy-contact me for a completely free and no obligation health consultation. The time is NOW, you deserve to look and feel like your best self.