Alleviating Pain From the Inside Out

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”


Over the years I have been fortunate enough to see the healing powers of holistic medicine first hand, both on myself and people close to me. When I was in high school I had bad lower back and knee pain when running and saw a physical therapist who helped me feel leaps and bounds better than better, I worked in a chiropractic/acupuncture/homeopathic clinic, I became a health coach and now I work as a personal trainer. The results I have seen from people in every aspect of their lives is absolutely incredible and truly the factor that has pushed me into continually coming back to holistic health. Later I want to discuss more the benefits of diet on your overall health, but today it’s all about the physical body and helping you finally get rid of your pain.

Over 80% of the adult population will suffer from lower back pain at some time in their life. This phenomenon not only has caused grave discomfort for so many individuals, it also has skyrocketed our spending. It is estimated that the United States spends around $100 billion on lower back pain alone. Yikes is right. So what are the possible solutions to this problem? For many people this pain can be disabling so much so that they are unable to work, walk properly and spend time with loved ones. Going to the doctor for this problem is obviously one solution. With so many other people going through similar discomfort it is a common sight these doctors see. Unfortunately many of the solutions are fairly limited in the doctor’s office. Pain and muscle relaxers will be written up, steroids are often given and even an epidural if the pain is bad enough. For me this route is a last ditch resource, but fortunately for you there are so many other beautiful possibilities to help alleviate some of that pain before the fact.

My first tip to you would be to go see a physical therapist. They have gone to school for 7 years to work in this field and they can do wonders in helping the human body. Lower back pain, knee pain, shoulders, fingers and joints they have seen it all. I believe they are the best resource to try if you are experiencing pain in the body. They will be able to fully examine the body, understanding all of the movements that work with one another and why that knee injury 10 years ago may be causing your neck and back pain today. Working with a physical therapist you will be worked both inside and outside the clinic. Often you will be shown small controlled movements that will strengthen and isolate the issue you are dealing with. Learning how to stretch and properly walk and move your body will all be in the cards during your visit.

Another amazing option I have seen is chiropractic care. I must admit when I was young I honestly did not believe in the healing powers of chiropractic work. I was like so, so many others out there that was slightly terrified of this experience. And my one tip to you is the same I give with all health practices is to find the right person. Just as you would research the restaurant you are going to, research your doctor, physical therapist and chiropractic practitioner. While working at chiro clinic I witnessed people go through life altering changes. I cannot tell you how many people I would talk to on their first visit in so much pain they could hardly walk or run or sleep to their 8th visit moving their body around freely, sleeping well and playing with their kids again. Working at this clinic truly changed my life, it made me want to make a difference in people’s lives because the experiences I saw there brought me to tears nearly every day. I saw clients with such a wide range of ailments keeping their pain at bay, everything from pregnancy pain, migraines, TMJ, lower back pain, baby’s with colic, hip mobility and the list could go on and on. I cannot urge you enough to try chiropractic if you haven’t yet, even as a way of managing feeling good. It aligns your spine, makes you feel longer, prevents injury and literally makes you feel like a million bucks. Find the right person to do the work, but when you do your life will be changed forever.

After my time working at this clinic I have now found myself as a personal trainer and what an eye opening and beautiful experience that is. I am able to help people through pain, inflexibility and the task of getting stronger. I work with an incredibly vast group of clients. Many are young wanting to gain strength, lose weight and feel their best, while so many others are older or injured individuals who are looking to regain their mobility, prevent injuries in the future and rebuild their stability. It has been so powerful to witness people overcoming their hurdles. The right personal trainer will be able to assist you in rebuilding your confidence and strength. While I would choose to go to a physical therapist if you are in pain, they can also help you to build strength throughout the body to help alleviate some of the issues you may have in the lower back or knees. A lot of the problems come simply from our body’s alignment. I urge you to try these services especially if you are in pain working out or having troubles getting motivated. Finding the perfect personal trainer will promote self love, self care and feeling strong and healthy af!

There are so many other options to try if you are tired of taking endless pills to numb the pain in your body. I personally have seen amazing results from acupuncture and massage therapy, there are countless possibilities out there for you to try and I urge you to do your own research and find what works best for you. A huge obstacle I have heard from many people comes down to money. Often insurance will not pay for holistic medicine practices, and while this alone breaks my heart I really ask you to still give it a try if you can. Your body is worth the money and if you don’t spend it now on yourself it is likely you will spend it later. Masking the pain is doing little to help the root of the problem. What is happening internally is so important as we get older. If you can, pay a little extra for yourself. You deserve the absolute best and to treat yourself to a lifetime of the happiest, healthiest you.